Animusic 3 DVD/Blu-ray (In Production)
Currently in production.  For this project, I’ve worked on: pre-production concept drawings.  The modeling, “rigging/set-up”, and UVing -> of numerous smart (parametric) objects/parts for instruments, robots, sets/bkgd, etc.  Some instrument and robot prototyping, materials and HDR lighting set-up in proprietary music animation software.
Please Note: ALL imagery on this page should be considered as “Work in Progress“, and is not intended to represent the final look, output, design, visuals, etc for the Animusic 3 project.
A3ProtoEx_Crazy PipesD
"Pipe" Organ prototype:WIP

Animusic 3 DVD/Blu-ray print design prototypes.  A3 splash screen element (center)

"Pipe" Organ prototype:WIP

HDR lighting study test renders.

More robot/instrument prototypes:WIPs

More A3 prototype test renders.

Animusic 3 Logo Design Prototype:WIP